Measure the bolt pattern of your vehicle or wheels

Measure the bolt pattern of your vehicle or wheels

Posted by on 2nd Jun 2023

Getting the right fitment for the wheels on your vehicle takes precision.  While the easiest way to determine your bolt pattern is to ask a professional (call at 616-330-6600) or consult a wheel fitment guide, sometimes it is necessary to measure the bolt pattern on custom builds, modified vehicles or just to be 100% sure.  

Step 1:  

Tools you need - It's helpful to have a bolt pattern gauge but a tape measure will do.  

Step 2: 

Count the number of lug holes.  This will give you the first part of the bolt pattern (usually 4, 5, 6, 8).  This can get tricky.  Some aftermarket wheels have 2 bolt patterns drilled.   However It should be fairly distinct as the bolt pattern holes will be equal distance from each other.   So if there are two bolt pattern holes one should be offset of the other.  

8 Lug Wheel Shown

Step 3: 

Measuring the bolt circle.   To do this 4, 6 and 8 lug you will measure from center of one hole to the center of the hole directly opposite.   Whether in mm or inches this will give you the bolt circle.   

For odd number holes there is no hole directly opposite another.   To think of this better see the diagram below.  What you are truly measuring is the diameter of a circle that runs directly through the middle of each lug hole.   Or if measuring the vehicle, the diameter of the circle going through the center of each stud.   

So for odd number 3, 5, and 7 lug holes - measure from the center of the lug hole to the back edge of the hole across from it.  

Step 4: 

To read the bolt pattern - use number of lug holes "x" your measurement.   

If you had 5 lug nuts and the measurement of the distance from center of one hole to back edge of another across from it is 5.5", then your bolt pattern is 5x5.5.   

If you have a 6 lug and the measurement from center hole to center hole is 5.5" then your bolt pattern is 6x5.5 (read 6 by 5.5").

If this still is difficult to understand please consult a wheel professional or contact us at or call or text 616-330-6600.  We are always happy to help.   I hope this made measuring your bolt pattern easier.  If not please contact us.